• Choose your means of communication

    Chat, Audio, Video, Screen Share, Note, SMS, E-mail. All your communication and collaboration choices are readily available and at your disposal.
    Chat E-mail Note Audio Video
  • Computer Telephony Integration

    Universal dialling

    Highlight a phone number on a web page, word document or any other application and click "Ctrl" + "F12" or drag-and-drop on your PC or Mac to call.
    Call control

    Call handling assistant

    Easily manage your telephone from a conversation window on your PC: transfer the call, put it on hold, hang up, or escalate to Chat, Video or Screen Share.
  • TWS, telephony and calendar presence

    Presence management

    Visualize your collegues' telephony, calendar and IT presence in the blink of an eye. Know who is available and select the best communication means to get in touch with them.
    Exchange integration Salesforce integration Zimbra integration Goolge Apps / G Suite integration Lotus Notes integration
  • Caller identification

    Caller Identification

    By cross-referencing inbound phone calls with your directories and databases, TWS can immediately present you with relevant caller information and links to their CRM page, their position in the world, or other third-party applications.
    Business application integration

    Telephony Integration

    Add telephony features and capability to your business applications. Have your CRM pop-up when you receive a call, add call or transfer buttons directly into your Intranet, or be even more imaginative using our web-service SDK.
  • Audio Video Conference

    Conferencing (coming soon)

    Organise or participate in a HD video conference of up to 9 participants, an audio conference with up to 16 participants, both of which include chat, screen share and remote control.
  • Intelligent call forwarding

    Advanced rules & filters

    Set up call forwards & rules for your inbound calls based on the time of the day, which day it is, your calendar status, the person who is calling, or any other criteria. Receive your voice messages as MP3 files in your email inbox.
    SIP Softphone

    SIP Softphone

    Use our softphone option to make and handle calls directly from your PC. Customers and colleagues will see your standard office phone number, regardless of where you really are.
    Shared call queues

    Shared call queues

    A revolution for small team call handling. By replacing your hunt groups with shared call queues, you'll no longer have several phones ringing for the same call, you'll have caller ID for everyone in the queue, and you're no longer restricted to handling the first call first.
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