Snom TWS
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  • TWS: CTI for Snom

    Our CTI software connects to your Snom phone to make your office telephony more intelligent. Discover click-to-call from your workstation, Caller ID, open a CRM page and much more.
  • + communicate

    Presence management, chat, video calls, call statistics; TWS for Snom adds the software suite your Snom telephone is calling out for.
    Unified Communication
  • Plug & Play

    Cloud hosted and featuring an intuitive web administration, TWS integrates into your corporate Snom telephony and IT infrastructure with ease.
    Cloud Telephony
  • + integration

    Accompany your inbound & outbound phone calls with immediate caller ID screen pop including any info from your multiple data sources (CRM, Intranet, etc.).
    CRM ERP Integration
  • 200 000 existing users

    TWS has amassed over 3000 customers, with 200,000 users, and is recommended by leading telephony solution providers and VARs.