TWS Cloud

TWS for Skype

  • MS Lync/Skype Entreprise

    Increase the capabilities of your Lync/Skype for Business solution, and integrate your telephony and business application to Lync/Skype for Business

  • Multi-directory look up from Lync/Skype for Business

    Connecting to all directories and business application databases with quick results

    • LDAP or AD directories; Outlook-Exchange, Notes Domino, Zimbra or Google Apps contacts; and any other databases available in SQL or ODBC
    • Seemless access from the native Skype for Business contact search box
    • Directory aggregation: if the same contact is known from several sources, only one aggregated result will be displayed
    Multi-directory look up Lync/Skype
  • Your Lync/Skype for Business contact card is enriched!

    Have direct access to all information related to your contacts from Skype for Business

    • All contact details are just one click away: office, mobile, email
    • Seemless access to customized information from your business application databases
    • Aggregated presence (telephony presence + Skype presence)
    Contact information card Lync/Skype
  • Immediately identify your Caller

    Thanks to a Caller ID pop-up for all your inbound calls

    • Identify who is calling you before you pick up
    • Adjust and adapt your customer greetings

    Note: the pop-up is customizable with information from your directories and business application databases
    Lync Alerter
  • Manage all your telephony calls in your Lync/Skype for Business client

    Your telephony, your PBX, your phone are connected and controllable from Lync/Skype for Business

    • Complete call control: pick up, put on hold, transfer, hang up... Directly from the interface
    • View your colleague's telephony presence status (busy/online, available)
    Call Control Lync/Skype
  • Directly open your business application on inbound calls

    Increase the quality of your greetings and customize the answer

    • One click and you’re already on the contact’s page
    • Be immediately informed about your caller’s history
    • Enter complementary information about the Caller in your CRM or business application during the call
    Open Business app Lync/Skype