• Salesforce CRM

    Integrate telephony into Salesforce, address books and other corporate applications and IT systems.

  • Immediately identify your Caller

    Thanks to a Caller ID pop-up for all your inbound calls

    • Identify who is calling you before you pick up
    • Adjust and adapt your customer greetings

    Note: the pop-up is customizable with information from your directories and business application databases
    Salesforce Alerter
  • Click to call within Salesforce

    A click-to-call button is available directly on contact pages

    • Avoid manual dialling
    • Eliminate any chance of dialling errors
    • Gain valuable time & focus on the task at hand
    Click-to-call Salesforce
  • Customer card display: Open Salesforce on the caller contact page

    Increase the quality of your greetings and customize your answer

    • One click and you’re already on the contact’s page
    • Be immediately informed about your caller’s history
    • Enter complementary information about the Caller in Salesforce during the call
    Open your Salesforce app
  • Share your Salesforce Calendar information

    See your colleagues’ Salesforce agenda information

    • Know who’s free and who’s out of the office
    • Is someone you wanted to contact busy? Adapt your communication method
    • Meetings flagged as private aren’t shared
    Calendar presence
  • Forward calls based on your Salesforce calendar

    Create profiles that filter & forward calls

    • Add Salesforce-based call forwards
    • Automatic activation: TWS knows when your meetings are scheduled
    Calendar presence forwards