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About us

"Technology should only be used for the benefit of users"
Since 2002, Algoria provides users with useful features, which are easy to implement and use : simplicity, ergonomy and efficiency are at the heart of our products. Most of our customers use Algoria’s products right from the first day without training. Jocelyn Aziere, Co-found and CTO
ALGORIA en quelques mots
ALGORIA is a French software publisher focused on delivering top quality applications to its users. Algoria specialises in creating CTI and Unified Communication applications that control and greatly improve corporate telephony.
Communicate easily: "simplify the internal exchange of information and boost performance and productivity by streamlining communication"
Collaborate efficiently: "facilitate information sharing between several co-workers to increase team proficiency"
Our network of competent, trained integrators sells our solutions. They guarantee a high level of service and ensure a continued maintenance service. We accompany our partners from A to Z – from the sale to the installation and beyond – in France, Europe and the rest of the world.
With TWS (Telephony Web Services) Algoria allows customers to place communication and collaborative tools at the heart of their IT systems.
100% thin client, TWS does not require installation on the workstation and provides users with a single web interface with all the advanced features of computer telephony integration, unified communications and collaboration. The reduced deployment and operating costs allows companies to make a return on investment very quickly.

A few numbers

The beginning for Algoria
Number of offices:
Our headquarters is in Issy les Moulinaux, France
Whilst our R&D is in La Colle sur Loup, France
The total number of countries where TWS has been successfully sold and deployed
+300 000
Number of TWS licences sold to date
+200 000
Number of unique TWS users to date
Number of unique companies to date